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CFB Top 5 Week 4: My view

It’s Alabama against the World.  Are there new contenders to the throne?

Another week is in the books and we’re going to forget how horrific we’ve been at picking games.  The rankings are out and the top teams really didn’t move much.  There weren’t any major upsets (sorry, Central Michigan over Iowa is not an upset) and we’re now in the “chase to lose to Alabama”.  Last week, the top 5 included Stanford and West Virginia, but we’ll have to say goodbye to them for now.  There’s been some shifting and LSU still can’t crack our top 5.  There’s still time.

Who had the big win of the weekend?  That would be your Oregon Ducks, who throttled Arizona at Autzen.  A game that was supposed to be remotely close…remotely wasn’t.  They’re leapfrogging into the top 5 this week and will be joined by ANOTHER SEC team.  In case you’re wondering, the two teams that missed the cut this week?  West Virginia and LSU.  The Tigers would remain at 6 on our poll with West Virginia falling from 4 to 7.  But enough about them…onto the top 5.

#5: South Carolina

Yes, Missouri didn’t help their own cause in the game by playing totally out of control and confused.  That being said, Connor Shaw completed 20 straight passes and Marcus Lattimore looked like a Heisman caliber running back.  Oh, and the Gamecocks still have two of the best DE’s in the country.  They’re going to have to go through some really good teams to get where they want to go, but right now, can you name too many teams better than them?  Nope.

#4: Florida State

Now we’ve seen them against a real team and their offense is for real.  You can legitimately question their defense a bit, but they’re going to be in every game they play because they can put up points and in a hurry.  They’re going to win a lot of games on a favorable schedule so expect them to stay on this list.

#3: Georgia

The Dawgs are getting guys back and getting healthy.  They’re playing to their potential.  And of course, they throttled Vanderbilt this weekend 48-3 to improve to 2-0 in the SEC East.  Jarvis Jones is a legit Heisman candidate (don’t laugh, it’s true) and Aaron Murray has looked every bit the best QB in the SEC.  They’re going to have challenges soon and they’re known to cough up games they should win, so they’re going to have to keep their focus but if they can pull it off, they just might end up playing for a lot of hardware this year.

#2: Oregon

Ok, this has to stop.  Their offense is actually from another planet.  Which, to be fair, might explain their uniforms.  They went up against a solid defense, a conference opponent, a ranked team…and beat them by 7 touchdowns.  That’s obscene.  Not sure they’ll face a defense all year that can slow them down.  They’re also solid on defense, but their offense is so good, you never know.  It allows them to be opportunistic and take chances on defense.  Slap us if they fall out of this list again.

#1: Alabama

They weren’t really trying yesterday were they?  There’s no way.  They went through the motions and still beat FAU by 33 points.  Their defense is in for a long week, what with allowing a touchdown and all.  But look at their record in big games.  Are you really worried?  They’re the top team in the country by a sizable margin.  They started the year here and it’s safe to say they look poised to remain there until January.

Until next week….


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