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CFB Top 5 Week 10: My view

You don’t have time to watch all the games.  That’s why I do it for you.It was another week of exciting action in college football and while the Missouri Tigers may have fallen a bit short in Gainsville, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t fantastic excitement across the country.  The only top 10 team to lose was LSU and that had everything to do with their opponent for the week.  So, who ended up in my top 5?

#5: Georgia

After beating Florida last week, you could understand the 10-0 deficit.  Emotional hangover for college kids?  You should expect that a time or two a season.  They got the ship righted, taking a 14-10 lead just before halftime.  After the break, they kept their foot on the pedal and the defense didn’t allow another point.  They’re only a win over Auburn from the SEC East title and they know they’re the only team remaining that could keep Alabama out of the BCS title game.

#4: Notre Dame

I make no secret that I’m on the bandwagon for the Irish.  And after a big emotional victory last week over Oklahoma (whoa, we’re talking about an emotional letdown again? weird).  Pitt played their butts off, but you could tell they never bought in, even when they were up 20-6.  Notre Dame did what good teams do.  They don’t freak out and even down 14, they calmly came back.  They had luck on their side when Pitt missed a chip shot FG in the 2nd OT, but in the end, ND got the win and stayed undefeated.

#3: Kansas State

They’re harder and harder to hate, you know that?  This team is just flat out good.  Colin Klein continues to be a Heisman front runner.  Arthur Brown continues to be the LB no one’s talking about.  If Bill Snyder isn’t the coach of the year, you simply aren’t paying attention.  They’ve gotten through the hard part of the schedule.  They have to beat TCU, Baylor, and Texas.  Two of those are on the road still, so they’re not totally out of the woods yet, but they’re the clear leader in the BCS to be the team who faces Alabama in the title game.

#2: Oregon

Listen, no one wants to believe in Oregon because no one’s really watched them play.  USC is a good defense and Oregon dropped 62 on them.  Sure, that defense I’ve been talking up gave up 51 points, but USC is an explosive offense and puts up points on everyone (except Stanford).  Oregon played their “lesser” teams already and destroyed them.  Now they finish with games on the road at Cal and Oregon State (do NOT underestimate that game) and a home game against the aforementioned Stanford.  If they get through that unscathed, they might STILL have to face USC again.  They’re good and are going to have the chance to prove it.

#1: Alabama

Any questions?  The ONE knock was that they hadn’t been challenged.  Guess what?  Now they have.  On the road, less than a minute left, no timeouts, rivalry game…and they marched down the field and got a win.  They expected it to happen.  AJ McCarron has to be considered for the Heisman…and TJ Yeldon might win one next year.  Their defense allowed nearly double the amount of points it usually does, but Zach Mettenberger played well above what people expected.  They’ve got Texas A&M at home next week and if they get through that, we’ll see them in Atlanta.

Not a lot of time left in the regular season, but plenty of time to see the whole thing change.  I can’t wait to see how it shakes out…Until Next Week.

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