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The Sports Wire: Steve Walentik


Steve Walentik of The Columbia Daily Tribune joined BK on The Sports Wire to discuss Mizzou’s use of a smaller lineup, the development of last year’s starters & the talented incoming freshman class. Is this team as intriguing as BK’s making it out to be? Find out in the podcast. PODCAST:  

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Jim Shonerd: Mizzou Needs Two Wins for Regional

Jeff Emens

Mizzou baseball came into the season with very low expectations. But as the team wins, the expectations continue to rise. Has Missouri done enough to make it into a regional? Jim Shonerd covers college baseball for Baseball America, and he joined us on The Sports Wire to break down Mizzou’s chances. Podcast:

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Vote For Kim Anderson


Coach Kim Anderson has advanced to the second round of the Infiniti Coaches Challenge!  Vote for Tigers coach Kim Anderson once a day!

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