The Big Show
Tiger Matt Calls Finebaum

It was only a matter of time before he went national. (more…)

Gary Pinkel Joins Will Palaszczuk On The Big Show

Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel previewed the Missouri-Indiana game with Will Palaszczuk and spoke out a possible renewal of a historic rivalry. (more…)

Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan On #TeamMustard

In addition to writing about baseball, Yahoo Sports reporter Jeff Passan has joined KTGR on our jointly-driven crusade to end the ketchup on cased-meat epidemic. (more…)

Burwell Listens To, Talks On The Big Show

Guest and friend of The Big Show Bryan Burwell says he goes to Will Palaszczuk for radio tips. (more…)

Around The Horn’s Tim Cowlishaw Joins Big Show

Tim Cowlishaw's book Drunk On Sports portrays the sportswriter' with alcoholism, a story he shared on The Big Show with Will Palaszczuk. (more…)

Tarkenton Joins Big Show

Former NFL quarterback and Pro Football Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton spoke out about the NFL's role in protecting its players, Ndamukong Suh and future of NFL offenses on The Big Show. (more…)

Never Forget 9/11: Jack Buck’s Poem

Our thoughts and prayers go out today and everyday to those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. (more…)

A-Rod Beaned; But Gets Last Laugh

Should this situation have been handled differently? (more…)

KTGR’s Tailgate Hosts Preview Mizzou Defense

Will Palaszczuk and Matt Michaels joined Bill Pollock of MissouriNet to continue their preview of the 2013 season. (more…)

KTGR’s Tailgate Hosts Help Preview the 2013 Season

Will Palaszczuk and Matt Michaels were involved in a Google Hangout with MissouriNet Sports Director Bill Pollock to preview the 2013 Missouri football season. (more…)