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The Pregame Stretch: NFL Week 7

Which team is truly the best in the NFC West? Will Kansas City’s defensive backs be able to stop the New Orleans passing attack? And what on earth are the New York Giants and NFL thinking with how they’ve handled Josh Brown? Rob and Hank discuss all of this and more, as well as give you fantasy advice and game …

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The Pregame Stretch: NFL Week 6

New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns

A two-headed monster at tight end and an all time great at quarterback… how do you stop Tom Brady and the Patriots? Can the hottest receiver in the game right now burn through Seattle’s tough secondary and lead Atlanta to another victory? And with the Cowboys on a hot streak, what do you do with Tony Romo? Rob and Hank …

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The Pregame Stretch: NFL Week 5


Are Kansas City’s cornerbacks THAT bad, or is Pittsburgh’s offense THAT good? Will Colin Kaepernick sit… on the bench, or stand… on the field? And as the league’s toughest defense takes on the most explosive offense… Who will win and why? Rob and Hank tackle these topics as well as offer you all the game picks, fantasy advice, and film …

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Tackling trends: Last-minute fantasy football advice


Isaiah Crowell and Sam Bradford led the charge in Week 4 as Tackling Trends went 2 for 3 on fantasy recommendations. That puts the segment’s fantasy advice at 8 for 12 on the season. To find out who I think is a good last-minute start for your fantasy team, check out the Pregame Stretch every Sunday before game time. Who Else …

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The Pregame Stretch: NFL Week 4


Has the Chiefs’ pass rush arrived for good in Kansas City? And why is Minnesota’s defense making the league’s best quarterbacks look like rookies? Hank and Rob break down these topics and more in this week’s edition of The Pregame Stretch here on They’ve also got game picks and last-minute fantasy advice for you. And later in the podcast, they’ve …

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Tackling trends: fantasy football moves for NFL Week 4


Rob Veno Jr. of’s The Pregame Stretch takes a look at players who shined for their fantasy football teams in Week 3 and advises you on what moves to make: Consistency is the key for Fantasy Football, and Tackling Trends gives you just that. For a third straight week in a row, the fantasy segment on The Pregame Stretch has been …

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The Pregame Stretch – NFL Week 3


Why the Vikings aren’t doomed without Adrian Peterson – and it’s not Sam Bradford who will carry that offense. Jamaal Charles is probably out for the chiefs – so how do you beat that fearsome Jets defense?  Hank and Rob take on these topics and more to get you ready for Week 3 of NFL football.

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Prospect Preview: Who’s helping their NFL draft stock?


Rob Veno Jr. from KTGR’s The Pregame Stretch podcast takes a look at some of the guys taking the field this Saturday, who are likely to improve their stock as they try to play on Sundays. Be sure to catch The Pregame Stretch on Sunday mornings for the up-to-date news and analysis you need to get ready for all …

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Fantasy football moves to make for NFL Week 3


Rob Veno Jr. of’s The Pregame Stretch takes a look at players who shined for their fantasy football teams in Week 2 and advises you on what moves to make. Got a roster or lineup question? Hit us up on the KTGR Facebook page or tweet your questions to us so we can help you win your league! Be sure …

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The Pregame Stretch: NFL Week 2


Hank and Rob talk about Sam Bradford’s Vikings debut and break down the film of some rookies who had impressive Week 1 performances. They’ve also got a scouting report from you about the Chiefs’ opponent, from Jayson Braddock of Sports Talk 790 in Houston. Give The Pregame Stretch a listen for all the news, fantasy advice, game picks and fun …

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