Welcome To The Big Show With Will and Matt

Will Palaszczuk and Matt Michaels reflect on their first show together and Opening Day. (more…)

Cosmo Picked The Shockers To Win It All…See What He Did To Destroy His Bracket.

Last year I lit my busted bracket on fire...this year it was time to do something different. How are you planning on destroying your busted bracket? (more…)


How many of these classic phrases will Doc Emrick use in today's Men's Semi-Final game? If you have not seen this before...it is a must! (more…)

Is This The Best Kiss Cam Ever?

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Sherman Steals Show Postgame

It was hard to miss... but if you did, or can't get enough... (more…)

Meaning Of Omaha…Or Not!

The phrase "Omaha" really took off after the Broncos vs Chargers playoff game in Denver. QB Peyton Manning explains its meaning to reporters after practice. (more…)

What A Finish

Arkansas beats Kentucky on an unbelievable play, a buzzer beating slam dunk. (more…)

Peyton Manning’s New Favorite City

A city in the American Midwest got more publicity than any during this NFL weekend, and it doesn't even house an NFL team. (more…)

KTGR Cotton Bowl Coverage

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Hinson Goes On Tirade; Familiar Chorus To Mizzou Fans

Barry Hinson, the man who dubbed Mizzou guard Jordan Clarkson a "ninja blender", is at it again. (more…)