KTGR’s NHL Playoff Draft

Hocky + Luck of the Draw + why not = KTGR Hockey Draft.   (more…)

Talking Rams Draft

It's been a good weekend for the St. Louis Rams. (more…)

Final Furlong: April 20, 2013

It was a horrible week.  The Final Furlong hopes to lighten the mood with the idiocy of the sports world. (more…)

An Emotional Anthem In Boston

A very emotional night in Boston at the Bruins game on Wednesday night. (more…)

Cosmo’s Blues Blog

Brian Elliot, I apologize! (more…)

Sports Leading the way after Boston Tragedy

What happened yesterday in Boston was a tragedy in every form of the word.  But that doesn't mean everything following was a negative. (more…)

The State of Mizzou Athletics: By Will Palaszczuk

I figured now is as good of a time as any to survey the landscape of Mizzou Athletics as we near the close of year one in the SEC. (more…)

Final Furlong: March 30, 2013

Why am I in this handbasket and where are we going? (more…)

Best Golf Shot Ever?

Sergio Garcia climbs a tree to save a shot...you have got to see this. (more…)

Blues Blog

Who is Brian Elliot again? (more…)