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The Big Show: Craig Brown

Craig Brown of BP Kansas City joined Matt and Jeff to discuss the defending World Champion. Where does he think the Royals stand going into the I-70 series. Is Royals-Cardinals a rivalry? And #Butermania!

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The Sports Wire: Chris Herring

Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal joined The Sports Wire for some NBA talk. What were his thoughts on LeBron’s NBA Finals performance. What does he make of the big trades in the NBA this past week and more.

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The Sports Wire: Sam Snelling

Sam Snelling of Rock M Nation joined Jeff and John on The Sports Wire. We discussed the current state of Mizzou recruiting for both the 2016 season and the 2017-2018 year. And who would Sam put on his Mizzou The Basketball Tournament team.

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The Big Show: Eno Sarris

Eno Sarris of and joined the show to discuss the Cardinals great series against the Cubs. How will the Cardinals be able to spell Yadier Molina and would he look at Carlos Beltran as an option for the Royals?

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The Big Show: Will Palaszczuk

Will Palaszczuk of Yahoo! Sports Radio joined the Big Show to discuss a whole hodgepodge of topics. Are the Cardinals bullpen problems fixable? Is there any intrigue for a World Series rematch in Queens? And how much anticipation for USA-Argentina is there in Houston?

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The Big Show: Joe Trezza

Joe Trezza of joined Jeff on The Big Show. What does he make of the Cardinals struggles? How does he think Kolten Wong will do in Center Field? And what are Eric Hosmer’s MVP chances?

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