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  1. Dunkin’ Donuts new advertising campaign includes Gronk & Big Papi

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    The fine people over at Dunkin’ Donuts are considering adding an option for delivery. I would approve of that decision. But I only bring that up in order to have an excuse to show you this video of Big Papi & Rob Gronkowski singing in the latest Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement.

  2. BK’s Daily Grind: MLB Draft, College basketball rule changes, Justin Houston vs. Von Miller & a 92-year-old marathon runner

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    The Kansas City Royals took two high school pitchers in the first round of the 2015 MLB first-year player draft Monday night. The first pitcher, Ashe Russell, was selected with the no. 21 overall pick. Here’s what Keith Law of had to say:

    “Russell has electric stuff, a mid-90s fastball and grade-65 slider that ranks atop the prep class. His delivery is of the high-effort variety and it causes some serious lapses in command, leading me to think Russell is likely destined for “closerdom.” He’ll have time to tone things down and learn how to pitch, but if the Royals are serious about developing him as a starter — and I suspect they are — he’s likely half a decade away from Kauffman Stadium.”

    The Royals also had a “competitive balance” pick at the end of the first round because James Shields walked in free agency. With the no. 33 overall pick, the Royals selected another high school pitcher out of Indianapolis named Nolan Watson. Here’s what Keith Law said about the pick:

    “Another Indiana prep pitcher for the Royals, who grab Vanderbilt commit Watson with their second pick. Watson’s stuff took a Godzilla-sized step forward this spring after his fastball sat in the mid-80s last year; he now sits comfortably in the low to mid-90s. He has feel for a slider and changeup, and both should be at least average in time, though the slider likely will end up better than that. That’s a midrotation starter’s repertoire. The way Watson’s stuff is trending, he might have even more in there.”


    Uh oh. The Cardinals were already dealing with a litteny of injuries including Adam Wainwright, Marco Gonzalez, Matt Adams and Jon Jay. Well, the injuries are continuing to pile up. Lance Lynn told Jenn Langosch of that he had forearm soreness in his start on Sunday. It could be nothing, or it could be something to watch. The Cardinals may have lost their starting left fielder, Matt Holliday, to a quad injury last night. Manager Mike Matheny wouldn’t comment, but the Cardinals are expected to announce the severity of the injury on Tuesday.

    The St. Louis Cardinals took a high school outfielder named Nick Plummer with the no. 23 overall pick in the 2015 MLB first-year player draft Monday night. Keith Law of loved the pick.

    “Nick Plummer: Plummer was a scouting opportunity of sorts — he hit very well last summer, but was hard to scout this spring because the competition was so poor and his league started hitters with a 1-1 count. That meant teams had to weigh last summer’s looks to an unusual extent, and focus on his mechanics and body this spring. It’s a great, short, quick swing that produces very hard contact with some power, so while it’s almost certainly a left-field profile — especially since his throwing was a little worse this spring than last year — I think the bat will profile there.”

    The Cardinals also had a “competitive balance” pick at the end of the first round. With the no. 39 overall pick, the Cards took a high school pitcher out of Tampa. Here’s Keith Law’s analysis:

    “Woodford was seen by everyone who came in to see his teammate Kyle Tucker and is a good prospect in his own right. He sits low to mid-90s with an average slider that projects above that, and he has a huge frame.”


    This isn’t specifically about Mizzou, but it’s about college football. The writers over at CBS Sports made six suggestions to improve college football. The changes include getting rid of kickoffs and the elimination of extra points.

    Former Mizzou offensive tackle Mitch Morse appears to be fitting in well with the Kansas City Chiefs.


    Will Brinson of CBS Sports played a game of “Would You Rather.” His subject: Would you rather have Von Miller or Justin Houston? Brinson went with Justin Houston. 

    Nick Wagoner of writes that the St. Louis Rams are poised to overtake the 49ers in the NFC West. I tend to agree with Nick.

    Field Yates of ranked the top 10 running backs in the NFL for the next three years. He has Jamaal Charles at no. 4 and Todd Gurley at no. 7.

    “4. Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs: No back has better harmony between his eyes and his lower half, as Charles’ vision to find holes and cutback lanes is difficult to replicate, as is his ability to torque and maneuver his frame to get to those spots. He’s 28 and a player who will get dinged up because of the punishment he takes on hits (he’s less than 200 pounds), but Charles is exceedingly tough and has a special skill — straight-line speed — that hasn’t regressed yet and likely won’t soon.”

    The St. Louis Rams announced on Monday they have released former Missouri wide receiver Bud Sasser.


    Women’s college basketball passed several rule changes on Monday. The changes include four 10-minute quarters as opposed to two 20-minute halves, the advancement of the ball following a timeout with less than a minute to go in the half and music is now allowed to be played during any dead ball situation.

    If you are/were a fan of Allen Iverson, you’ll enjoy this oral history of A.I. and Reebok.

    This Cleveland weatherman was reallyyyyy upset about the Cleveland Cavaliers’ loss.

    Headline of the year.


    For one reason or another, New York state prisoners are not escaping as much as they used to.

    Here’s how InTouch Weekly broke the Josh Duggar story.

    Hundreds of piglets spilled out of a truck during a crash. Those little piglets are so damn cute.

    Chipotle is great. And now they’re giving all employees (including part-timers) paid vacation, sick time and tuition reimbursement. More companies should consider doing the same.

    There will be a “female Viagra” at a drug store near you soon, apparently.

    This is a great read on how your favorite brewery got its name.

    A 92-year-old North Carolina woman ran a marathon over the weekend. Her story is fascinating.

    Dunkin’ Donuts is considering adding a delivery option. Oh, and their new commercial includes Big Papi and Gronk. It’s a must-watch.

    This LA vs. NY skit from Jimmy Kimmell is outstanding.


  3. The Big Show: Brian Stull

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    Brian Stull of STL Baseball Weekly joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to talk all things St. Louis Cardinals including the Cards’ MVP through the first 50+ games, the need (or lack thereof) for the Cardinals to trade for a starting pitcher, and the impressive start to the season from Jhonny Peralta.

    All of that and much more in the podcast: 

  4. The Big Show: Chelsea Thomas

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    An argument could be made that former Mizzou softball pitcher Chelsea Thomas is one of the best athletes in Mizzou history. She joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to discuss her experience as an assistant softball coach at SLU, her time playing for Coach E at Mizzou, and what it will be like to play at University Field for the first time since playing for the black & gold when she returns to Columbia next week.

    All of that and much more in our conversation with former Mizzou softball pitcher Chelsea Thomas: 

  5. BK’s Daily Grind: On Royals fans, MU’s hot streak, LeBron’s domination & Starbucks’ new frappuccinos

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    The American League All Star Game roster voting has gone off the rails. The Royals had five starters in the last update. They have now added Eric Hosmer and Kendrys Morales to that lineup, bringing the running total to seven starters. But there’s more! Omar Infante, he of a .230 on-base percentage, is gaining on Jose Altuve to start at 2nd base. And Alex Rios, who has started a total of 13 games all year, is fourth among AL outfielders in votes received. All of it is ridiculous. And all of it is so much fun.

    HOT TAKE ALERT! The Kansas City Royals will take the best player available in the 1st round of the MLB Draft tonight, writes Andy McCullough of the Kansas City Star.


    The MLB Amateur Draft begins tonight! Feel the excitement! Keith Law of released his final mock draft. He has the Kansas City Royals taking a high school pitcher, and the St. Louis Cardinals taking a pitcher from the University of Virginia.

    Luke Thompson of Fox Sports wrote about the Cardinals’ starting rotation and their historically great start to the 2015 season.


    Mizzou football has picked up four commitments over the past three days. The first came from four-star Columbia Rock Bridge defensive end Tre Williams. His teammate, two-star cornerback Bryce Banks, was the next to pull the trigger and commit. Christian Holmes, a two-star cornerback out of Atlanta, committed to the Tigers on Sunday. And on Monday the Tigers added a commitment from the top rated kicker in the country, Tucker McCann.

    Mihir Bhagat of KOMU 8 News confirms what has been reported for the past few weeks: Former Missouri star basketball player Kim English will join Frank Haith’s staff at the University of Tulsa.

    Sam Khan of says Mizzou’s biggest position battle for 2015 is along the offensive line.

    “When the Tigers struggled in 2014, particularly in their losses to Indiana and Georgia, the offensive line had a tough time. If the Tigers want to win the SEC East for a third season in a row and get back to Atlanta and have a shot at a playoff berth, those types of days can’t happen. Establishing a successor to second-round NFL draft pick Mitch Morse at left tackle is important, and coach Gary Pinkel said Connor McGovern is most likely to start the season there. The talented Evan Boehm will anchor the unit at center and returning offensive linemen do bring experience, with a combined 97 starts under their collective belt. It’s just a matter of finding the right combination.”


    Mike Sando of ESPN Insider ranked the best and worst long-term quarterback contracts from the team perspective. He had Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith ranked 16th out of 18 quarterbacks on the list. Here’s why:

    “Contract ranks: 12th APY (Average per year), 9th true guarantee, 12th three-year APY

    Three-year Total QBR: 53.1 (19th)

    Smith was already making decent money when he negotiated his deal with the Chiefs, which helped him lock in better guarantees from a player standpoint. He costs more than Andy Dalton. Is he appreciably better? He has certainly fared better in the playoffs.”

    Dave Dameshek of made a list of the top offensive “trios” in the NFL (aka QB, RB and WR). The Chiefs came in at number 13 on his list. More importantly, Dameshek had some high praise for Jamaal Charles, going so far as to call him a future Hall of Famer. As for the Rams, they came in at number 28 on Dameshek’s list. Here’s what he had to say about the St. Louis trio:

    “Gurley ran over and/or past a lot of NFL-sized players during his time in the SEC. Look for him to keep on rolling, even in the brawny NFC West. If Foles is to have any chance at getting back to his 2013 form, he’ll need Austin to provide more consistent glimpses of his playmaking ability.”

    Matt Miller of Bleacher Report released his rankings of the top 90 running backs in the NFL in 2014. St. Louis Rams running back Tre Mason came in at no. 39. The Chiefs had two running backs land in the top 10: Knile Davis at no. 9 and Jamaal Charles at no. 2.


    The Cleveland Cavaliers won Game 2 of the NBA Finals by a final score of 95-93. LeBron James put up a triple-double of 39 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists. Steph Curry struggled mightily, scoring 19 points on 5-23 shooting, including 2-15 from beyond the arc.

    Dr. Chris Johnson works with two groups: The U.S. Special Operations Forces including the Navy SEALS, and the Golden State Warriors. Cool story on the similarities between Steph Curry and Navy SEALS sharpshooters.

    Brandon Spikes has been released by the New England Patriots just two weeks after signing a new deal with the team. Why? Because he got himself into a bit of trouble after abandoning his car following an alleged hit-and-run.


    BK talked with his college advisor, Shawn Wallace, about his transition experience. Shawn was born a woman, self-identified as a male for the first time in the early 1990s, and took his first testosterone shot in 2003. It’s a great conversation about a subject many of us have questions about, for those interested.

    Florida man attempts to sell a LIVE SHARK outside of local grocery store.

    John Oliver made good on his promise to drink a beer if Sepp Blatter resigned. It was glorious.

    Starbucks just came out with six new frappuccino flavors. Don’t act like you’re not interested.

    “‘Cat ownership in childhood has now been reported in three studies to be significantly more common in families in which the child is later diagnosed with schizophrenia or another serious mental illness,’ the authors reported in a press release.” I’m not sure if I need to add anything more here.

    Beyonce said she was a vegan. Nothing to see here.

  6. The Inside Slant: Shawn Wallace

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    BK is joined this week on The Inside Slant by his former advisor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Shawn Wallace. Shawn was born a woman, but always believed he was a male living in a female body. In November of 2003, Shawn received his first testosterone shot, his first step in his transition to identifying as a male.

    Many of us have unanswered questions following the news of Caitlyn Jenner’s transition. Shawn can’t speak for others, but his story can prove to be a learning experience for all of us. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Shawn about what went into his transition, and what his life has been like ever since.

    NOTE: In the interview, Shawn says his first testosterone shot was in 1993. He misspoke. His first shot was in 2003.

  7. Terrence Phillips: “This isn’t the Missouri team from last year”

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    Terrence Phillips is a 2015 Mizzou basketball signee, and he joined BK on Saturday on The Sports Wire. Phillips talked about his experience living in Rome, his time playing at Oak Hill Academy, and why he believes he can come in right away and be a leader on the Missouri basketball team. All of that and much more in our conversation.


  8. Dave Bartoo: “I like Mizzou at 8-4”

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    Dave Bartoo is one of the best college football analysts in the country. His college football digital magazine is a great resource for fans, and it’s FREE. Dave joined BK this morning on The Sports Wire to break down the Tigers’ schedule, the biggest competition for an SEC East title, and whether or not the over-under of 7.5 wins is disrespectful. All of that and much more on the podcast.


  9. The Big Show’s Super Futures Draft

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    Matt and BK were joined by Austin Kim of ABC 17 Sports to participate in the Super Futures draft. The rules are simple: We pick a franchise-level player at each position, aka the player we believe will have the most success in his/her sporting career. The open sports are as follows:

    NFL – One offensive and one defensive player

    MLB – One starting pitcher and one position player

    Mizzou – One football and one non-football player (signed freshmen eligible)


    BK: Aaron Rodgers, J.J. Watt, Madison Bumgarner, Mike Trout, Evan Boehm, J’Den Cox

    Austin Kim: Andrew Luck, Justin Houston, Felix Hernandez, Bryce Harper, Drew Lock, Tanner Houck

    Matt: Marcus Mariota, Richard Sherman, Noah Syndergaard, Kris Bryant, Harold Brantley, Sophie Cunningham


    The Draft:

    1ST ROUND:

    Austin Kim – Andrew Luck, NFL Offensive Player

    BK – J.J. Watt, NFL Defensive Player

    Matt – Marcus Mariota, NFL Offensive Player

    2ND ROUND:

    Matt – Noah Sindergard, MLB Pitcher

    BK – Mike Trout, MLB Position Player

    Austin Kim – Drew Lock, Mizzou Football Player

    3RD ROUND:

    Austin Kim – Felix Hernandez, MLB Pitcher

    BK – J’Den Cox, Mizzou Non-Football Player

    Matt – Sophie Cunningham, Mizzou Non-Football Player

    4TH ROUND:

    Matt – Harold Brantley, Mizzou Football Player

    BK – Aaron Rodgers, NFL Offensive Player

    Austin Kim – Bryce Harper, MLB Position Player

    5TH ROUND:

    Austin Kim – Justin Houston, NFL Defensive Player

    BK – Madison Bumgarner, MLB Pitcher

    Matt – Kris Bryant, MLB Position Player

    6TH ROUND:

    Matt – Richard Sherman, NFL Defensive Player

    BK – Evan Boehm, Mizzou Football Player

    Austin Kim – Tanner Houck, Mizzou Non-Football Player

  10. BK’s Daily Grind: Royals lose at home, Cardinals dominate in LA, LeBron dominates in loss & free pizza for life

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    The Kansas City Royals lost 6-2 in a rain-shortened game last night at The K. It’s the first time the Royals have lost a home series all year. The Royals are now 30-21, a game back of the Minnesota Twins for 1st place in the AL Central. Next up is a 3-game set against the Rangers, who have won 12 of their last 15 games. But, hey, at least we got to watch this from Alcides Escobar last night.

    Ned Yost will manage the American League in the All Star Game, and he will be coaching alongside the rest of his staff.


    Dave Schoenfield of ESPN’s Sweet Spot Blog writes that the Cleveland Indians are still a team to be reckoned with in the AL Central.


    The St. Louis Cardinals dominated the Los Angeles Dodgers last night, 6-1. Michael Wacha threw 7 innings of one-run ball, striking out five and not allowing a walk all game. Jhonny Peralta continued his marvelous season going 3-4 with a walk.

    Viva El Birdos makes a compelling case that Matt Holliday is the most deserving All Star candidate in the National League.


    Field Yates of ESPN breaks down the top decisions each NFL team has to make before the start of the 2015 season.

    Former Mizzou wide receiver Bud Sasser has been released by the St. Louis Rams before ever playing a game due to an apparent heart condition. Sasser told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he doesn’t believe it’s serious, and he hopes to sign with another team.

    Pro Football Talk reports there have been conversations, but no serious progress in contract negotiations between the Chiefs and Justin Houston.

    An interesting question by Joel Thorman over at Arrowhead Pride: When was the last time Chiefs fans felt this good about their team? I think you have to go back to at least 2006. Maybe earlier than that. It’s a good time to be a Chiefs fan. *Knock on wood.*


    Ashley Fox of ESPN wrote about three current & former NFL players that could become future NFL head coaches, including one current Kansas City Chiefs player. has a great oral history about the 2005 MLB Draft including Alex Gordon on why he never expected to be drafted by the Kansas City Royals.

    According to Kent Babb’s new book on Allen Iverson – which I highly recommend, by the way – AI might have been drunk during his infamous “not a game” speech.

    Ever wonder what LeBron James’ house looks like? Well, here’s his South Beach home. He left this for CLEVELAND.

    Speaking of LeBron James… His volume statistics were incredible last night. And, I have to say this otherwise people will call me a “hater”, he’s my favorite athlete of all time. I believe him to be the best basketball player I’ve ever watched (I’m 22, so that’s not saying a ton). However, he did settle for too many jumpers in the 4th quarter and overtime last night. And this statistic from Jorge Sedano of ESPN Radio seems to confirm that fact.

    By the way, who are you people out there that say you hate the NBA? Because it sure seems like all of you watched last night.

    I hate seeing rookie players go down in OTA’s. It sounds like the Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver DeVante Parker is the latest victim. Reports indicated he was really tearing it up at camp, too. Bummer.

    I can’t get enough of Riley Curry. I mean, she’s so damn cute!

    This is… Actually pretty damn entertaining.


    A family in Portland got free pizza for life because they sold their house. Seriously.

    I can’t be the only one terrified of these massive fish, right? I mean, a 224-pound Hallibut? Nah. I’m good.

    Warning: Video not for the faint of heart.

    A Connecticut man called 911 on his cat!

    That’s it for today. Tune into The Big Show weekdays from 4-6 pm on ESPN 100.5 & 103.1 FM or online at