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  1. The Paul Finebaum Show: Dave Bartoo

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    Dave Bartoo of CFB Matrix joined the Paul Finebaum Show on Thursday, August 20, to give his take on what will happen in the SEC this season.


    Listen to The Paul Finebaum Show weekdays from 2-4 pm Central on ESPN 103.1 FM KTGR.


  2. The Big Show: Vincent Bonsignore

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    Vincent Bonsignore of the LA Daily News joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to break down the latest happenings as it relates to the St. Louis Rams’ potential move to Los Angeles.




  3. The Big Show: Gabe DeArmond

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    Gabe DeArmond of PowerMizzou joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to break down Mizzou’s second fall scrimmage. Is the passing game no longer a concern? Is it a positive, or a negative that Mizzou’s defense has yet to *force* a turnover? Has Gabe become more confident in the Tigers’ chances after the first two scrimmages?




  4. Coaches & Players Sound Off After Scrimmage #2

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    The second scrimmage of Mizzou’s fall camp is officially in the books. The offense won, 11-9. I have no idea how that is actually scored. But the score is a reflection of what we saw on the field.


    The quarterbacks were the talk of the town. Maty Mauk had what may be his most efficient scrimmage of his career (15-22), Drew Lock continued to shine (15-20, 168 yards and 2 touchdowns), and Marvin Zanders impressed, finishing as the leading rusher in the scrimmage (7 carries for 75 yards).


    The only injury to report took the team’s only senior wide receiver out of the scrimmage. Wesley Leftwich sprained his knee. We hope to find out more about how long Leftwich could be out when we head out to practice tomorrow morning.


    Coaches Sound Off:

    Pinkel Post Scrimmage

    Head Coach Gary Pinkel:

    – Coach Pinkel was non-committal on whether or not Marvin Zanders’ performance in the first couple scrimmages could result in a package for the sophomore quarterback. He also said the passing game appears to be improving. “We are going to have to play young… Why can’t young receivers play great?”


    Offensive line coach A.J. Ricker:

    – Ricker discussed his O-Line’s performance after the scrimmage. From what I could tell, it looked like the no. 1 offensive line was pretty established. From left to right it was consistently Connor McGovern, Taylor Chappell, Evan Boehm, Mitch Hall and Nate Crawford. The first unit looked solid for much of the day.


    Player Reaction:

    Mauk Post Scrimmage

    QB Maty Mauk:

    Mauk was impressive in his second scrimmage of the fall. He finished the day 15-22 for 134 yards and a touchdown. He talked about his rapport with his receivers, what it’s like to finally have some success against the defense, and what’s next for the offense.


    Nate Brown Post Scrimmage

    WR Nate Brown:

    With Wesley Leftwich out for much of the scrimmage, Brown stepped up as the “veteran” wide receiver. He finished the day with 2 receptions for 15 yards and a touchdown.


    Nate Crawford Post Scrimmage

    RT Nate Crawford:

    Crawford has emerged as the likely starting right tackle for the Tigers in 2015. From what I could see, he got every snap at right tackle with the number one offensive line. He talked about his surgery, and what the recovery process has been like for him.


    TE’s Jason Reese & Sean Culkin:

    Reese & Culkin have given themselves a new nickname, “1080 P”. They explained that, and how they all contribute to the offense. Reese & Culkin combined for two receptions for 4 receptions for 22 yards in Thursday’s scrimmage.

  5. The Big Show: Stewart Mandel

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    Stewart Mandel of Fox Sports joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to discuss his pre-season predictions for the SEC, the Tigers’ chances in the SEC East, and the biggest storyline we’re not talking about enough as the season approaches.




  6. The Big Show: Jerry Palm

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    Jerry Palm of CBS Sports joined Matt and BK to discuss where he has Mizzou finishing in the SEC East, the power of the SEC vs. the Pac-12, and the importance of recruiting rankings in pre-season projections.




  7. Mizzou Fall Camp Day 13: Connor McGovern’s Transition & Kenya Dennis’ Leadership

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    News & Notes: It was a short practice for the Tigers on Wednesday, as is typically the case for the day before a scrimmage. Tomorrow will be the team’s second scrimmage of the fall, and Matt and BK will have full updates for you on, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.


    Coach Pinkel was available for a short session with the media after Wednesday’s practice, and he addressed a variety of topics.



    – Coach Pinkel said they will shoot for 30-35 reps for the first and second team in tomorrow’s scrimmage. Pinkel said senior safety Ian Simon, who missed Saturday’s scrimmage with a hamstring injury, could play in tomorrow’s scrimmage. “You just have to be cautious with hamstring injuries,” Pinkel said.


    – Coach Pinkel addressed the late addition to the team, Anthony Hines, a junior college cornerback out of San Mateo College in California. Hines has four years to play three. “We like it if it works out that way,” Pinkel said. Hines is nursing a foot injury, but Missouri’s training staff determined that it was healing properly and he should be alright. Pinkel was non-committal on whether or not Hines will contribute this season, but he is eligible and could help contribute in an already deep Tigers secondary.


    – Donavin Newsom is a guy that’s received a lot of praise over the first couple weeks at Mizzou camp. Newsom is a 6-foot-3, 235-pound redshirt junior linebacker that finished 2014 with 24 tackles. “He’s a tremendous athlete,” Pinkel said. “He’s one of those guys that’s never produced at my expectation level – just because he’s such a great athlete – but he’s playing at a whole different level now… We’re seeing all the signs that you usually see from guys that take that next step.”


    – Connor McGovern has taken over at left tackle after last year’s starter, Mitch Morse, graduated and left for the NFL. McGovern has been a stud for the Tigers in his time as a guard, but he struggled (at times) with the transition to right tackle last season. Coach Pinkel said after today’s practice that McGovern has transitioned smoothly as a left tackle. “I think he’s excited about it, opportunity-wise,” Pinkel said. “At the next level, that will help him just by having it on his resume. If you can go to the next level having played (guard and tackle), that’s a huge plus.”


    – Kenya Dennis was voted a captain by his teammates coming into the fall, but Coach Pinkel said that hasn’t changed his role on the team.”He’s a great kid,” Pinkel said. “He’s a lot like Markus Golden… To get voted captain, a junior college player, he’s just a tremendous kid. Tremendously positive. Great work ethic. Great attitude all the time. He was voted a captain because he’s a great leader.”


    Photos of the Day:


    Video of the Day:





    That’s all for today from Mizzou camp. We’ll be back tomorrow with scrimmage stats, news and notes. Be sure to tune into The Big Show with Matt and BK this evening from 4-6 p.m. on ESPN 103.1 FM or 1580 AM KTGR.



  8. Mizzou Fall Camp Day 12: Injuries Pile Up & Josh Augusta’s Potential

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    Injury Update: Injuries seem to be piling up for the Tigers as we approach the second scrimmage of the fall.


    – Wide receiver J’Mon Moore is day-to-day with a shoulder sprain.


    – Another wide receiver, Richaud Floyd, had been limited in practice with a rib injury, and he missed Tuesday’s practice with a fever.


    – Linebacker Roderick Winters has a lisfranc fracture in his foot. That injury will require surgery, and Winters is expected to miss three months.


    – Kicker Nick Coffman was also held out of Tuesday’s practice with a groin injury.


    – Kicker Andrew Baggett was still wearing his red jersey, indicating he’s still dealing with some lingering issues from his back spasms.


    News & Notes: The Tigers have one more practice on Wednesday before they make their way back to Faurot Field for scrimmage #2 on Thursday. Defensive linemen and linebackers were available to the media following Tuesday’s practice. The majority of the discussion surrounded Josh Augusta’s potential, specifically if he is able to shed a few more pounds, and the linebacker unit’s growth throughout fall camp.


    – Josh Augusta says he wants to play around 335 pounds this season after spending last year around 355 pounds. “I’ll probably get to (335 pounds) in a week or two,” Augusta said. He came into fall camp at 360 pounds, and has made his way down to 346 pounds as of Tuesday morning. The coaches have raved about Augusta’s potential. Defensive coordinator Barry Odom told us yesterday that Augusta is among the strongest players he’s ever seen. “He does not have a ceiling,” Defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski noted. “He has no ceiling. He can do anything.”


    – We got some more numbers to back up the coaching staffs’ claims that this is the most athletic linebacking core that Missouri has seen under Gary Pinkel. SAM linebacker Donavin Newsom said his PR in the 40-yard dash is a 4.42. To put that in perspective, the fastest linebacker at the combine last year was Kwon Alexander out of LSU. He ran a 4.55. Newsom was later asked about backup WILL linebacker Joey Burkett, who is known for his speed, and said he repped out 225-pounds 32 times on the bench press. In my best Gary Pinkel impression, those are some mammoth numbers.


    Interviews of the Day:






    Photos of the Day:


    Video(s) of the Day:




    We’ll be back out for day 13 of Mizzou fall football camp tomorrow morning. Gary Pinkel will be available to the media. Until then, be sure to tune into Matt and BK from 4-6 p.m. on The Big Show, follow us on Twitter, and keep the conversation going on the show’s Facebook page.

  9. Coaches Sound Off: Reaction to Mizzou’s First Fall Scrimmage

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    HEAD COACH GARY PINKEL: I thought it was a good practice. I thought we battled out there. This is always a tough practice, because they’ve been getting up nine straight days at 6 o’clock in the morning, and then yesterday they had the day off. So you have to get them going. But I think, overall, we battled. We just have a couple days of practice, and then another scrimmage on Thursday.


    Q: Did anything stand out from the scrimmage?

    A: There are 172 plays, so there are a lot of things that we need to work on. I think that’s what we’re doing. And also the kicking game. Both sides of the football, we have a list of things to do. We made some position changes, but I’m not going through any of those things right now. Made a lot of changes, a lot of competition out there. The guys that moved down will have a chance to get their job back, and the guys that move up – we tell them that you better stay there, because we’re telling the guy behind you to get his job back. It’s all on the field, it’s all based on the competition… Who you go against, who you compete against, what teams you’re with – all has a lot to do with it. We have one scrimmage and 10 intense practices. So there are a lot of things we go through in our evaluation.

    Q: Have you decided on any freshmen that will definitely play?

    A: Yeah, there are a few that we have. We’re not going to announce that until the end. All these freshmen are competing to do it. But there are names you write down here and there. We talk about personnel everyday. We’ll make the final decisions on those things a week from Thursday. There’s nothing finalized, but we have an idea on certain guys that will be playing.

    Q: How tough was it to see Johnathon Johnson go down?

    A: He was playing the best of – we have a good young receiving core – so that was a little of a hit. He was really doing well. That’s the way it is. J’Mon Moore hurt his shoulder today. Sometimes that’s what happens. You look up in the sky, you ask a question, but you decide – no, that’s the way it is. You have to battle through it, it happens sometimes.

    Q: How did you think Marcell Frazier performed on Saturday?

    A: I thought he did good. He’s really doing good. He’s really competitive. It’s really neat to see him compete. I’m a little surprised – I think sometimes JuCo kids don’t come in like that, that competitive. He’s a really focused guy. I think he’s a little bit like Markus Golden – he came in, and he just embraced our program. We’re very detailed in how we do things. We have a plan for everything. You have to come in, and you have to do things our way. Because our way works. He just jumped on it. A lot of those guys come in and have problems. They’ve been doing things a different way, and they just start looking around. He’s 6’4, he’s 263 or 264 pounds. It’s exciting to see him play the way he is.

    Q: How did you assess your offensive line after the rough scrimmage?

    A: We just need more consistency.

    Q: Do you feel more comfortable with the wide receivers?

    A: We just have to get better… In the passing game, it’s the quarterbacks, the blocking, the running backs… There are a lot of things that have to work. It’s not like running the football, where all you have to do is hit the b-gap. But I think we’re making progress. We have a long way to go. When you have that many young guys around, it’s going to be that much more. It’s important that the guys around those young guys play at a high level. That gives us a chance. When those guys aren’t playing the best they can play, that magnifies the problem… That’s our speech and our talk to our veteran players. They need to step it up. We need consistency from them. 



    Q: What do you see from Marcell Frazier?

    A: I think he’s a mature guy. A junior college kid that got here late in the summer. Through practice number 11, he’s improved everyday. He’s picked up the scheme pretty well. His competitive spirit has increased since he’s been here. His knowledge of the defense continues to grow. He’s done a good job up to this point. He’s done a good job through 11 days.

    Q: What’s the difference from a JuCo kid?

    A: Those guys have played on a college level. They have some maturity advantages. But the way we run our program, that’s an adjustment for everybody. The details and habits, and the way we approach the structure of everyday, a lot of times, that’s a change in what they’re used to. Marcell’s done a great job. He’s kind of a quiet kid that goes to work. That’s fun to be around.

    Q: Cam Hilton got some time with the twos… Is he working his way onto the field?

    A: There were some guys that got nicked up. I think Cortland (Browning) went out for a bit. Cam was the next guy up that moved into that position. He’s had a good camp, and has a pretty good understanding of the things it takes to play that position. It’s hugely important to protecting our defense. He got quite a few reps on Saturday.

    Q: Is it harder for the freshmen to get some playing time with the number of returning starters you have in the back seven?

    A: At the end of the day, it’s on us to decide if they have a chance to help us win. If they’re mature enough physically and mentally to help us win football games. We’re going to let competition carry out, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a fifth year senior or a first year freshman. If you’re a guy that can help us win games, you’ll be plugged in. From a depth standpoint, every position is different. If you’ve got a stacked position, an incoming freshman still may be able to climb that ladder. We’ve still got a few more days of evaluating, and another scrimmage on Thursday, which will be hugely important to a lot of guys. We’ll see how it plays out.

    Q: What’s impressed you most about Michael Scherer?

    A: He’s a productive player. He’s smart. Those things – his intelligence, and his demeanor – he’s very responsible. There aren’t a lot of things that happen on the field that surprise him. He’s seen a lot. That’s so beneficial. I think he’s become a better player. He’s quicker, he’s stronger, he’s faster, and probably a little smarter, since January. He’s a student of the game. He wants to be right. He wants the ownership of the defense to be set in our room. He takes pride in that… He’s a grown man, he’s an adult sitting in there. That’s good to have on your side.

    Q: What does Terez Hall bring?

    A: He’s a longer guy, physically. Physically, he’s a mature player that has quickness and speed. He has a long way to go in the playbook. But, athletically, he has a chance. He’s trained well. He uses his speed to his advantage. Things are happening fast for him, so the more reps he can get, it’ll slow down. He’s having a good camp, and we’ll keep pushing him to see where it ends up.

    Q: What kind of challenges does Maty Mauk present as an opposing QB?

    A: He takes command of the offense. His quickness is a little deceiving. On the field, he’s quick. You think you have him collapsed in, you think you have him contained in the pocket, and he makes a play with his feet. He’s throwing the ball well – and I’m not a quarterback evaluator – but you try to defend him, you better defend every inch of the field because he sees it, and he doesn’t get rattled. He’ll find the spot.

    Q: Is there anything more frustrating than a quarterback that’s elusive like that?

    A: If you stop him, that’s great. You feel like the coverage has to be a little tighter on the back end. You have to know your rush and contain lanes. You can’t relax. You have to stay on the upfield shoulder and keep him boxed in. And on the back end, you might have to stay in coverage for six seconds. And if they extend the play, the coverage continues. Playing together, and working your leverage points are all hugely important to playing good pass defense.

    Q: If Josh Augusta puts everything together, what’s his potential?

    A: I don’t know. He has great quickness… He’s maybe the strongest guy – just physical strength, maybe not weight room numbers – maybe one of the strongest guys I’ve ever seen… But he could be a really good player for a long time.

    Q: Does he know that?

    A: At times. We’re all working to make him the best player he can be. And he’s doing it as well. Right now, we’re trying to work on having the best meeting this afternoon that we can have. And then we’ll talk about waking up tomorrow and having the best practice number 12 that we can possibly have. Josh (Augusta) understands his value to this program, and how good he could be.



    Q: How did you feel about your receiver’s performance on Saturday?

    A: I thought it was pretty good. Not great. There are so many detail things that we can get so much better at. I felt like we stepped up and made a few plays. We still have too many drops, we still are inconsistent in our route running. But those are things that come with inexperience. The more experience we get, the better we’ll get at that.

    Q: How did the offensive line respond after the scrimmage?

    A: I thought the line played better. I didn’t think they played that bad other than a lot of false starts. We were better at that today. If we can get that fixed, that will certainly help us.

    Q: Did the receivers make you feel more comfortable?

    A: I think we’re still a work in progress… We have a lot of football left to play, and a lot of practice. There are a lot of good things there, a lot of explosive plays… But there are a lot of little detailed things that could make our life a lot easier in executing. It’s about doing the little things right. That’s what we have to get better at, but that’s why we’re practicing.

    Q: Was it encouraging to see them make some big plays?

    A: Yeah, that was encouraging. It was a step in the right direction. But, by no means, are we like ‘hey, boy, everything’s great.’ We have a lot of work to do.

    Q: How do you feel about where the tight ends are fitting into the passing game?

    A: They’re fitting in well. We probably need to get them involved a little more. I think they had, between all of them, 9 or 10 catches the other day. We have to get those guys involved a little more. They need to become a bigger part of what we do. And, sometimes, you call plays trying to get it to them, and your read takes you somewhere else. But I thought they’ve done a nice job so far. We’re a work in progress. We have a lot of detailed things to work on.

    Q: Is Malik Cuellar someone you expect to move around?

    A: I think that’s yet to be seen. We’re still discussing that. We’re still trying to get Malik to a certain level. You have to achieve at a certain level to be able to move around. He’s getting better everyday, and he’s working really hard, and I think that’s something we’ll look at in the future. 



    Q: Has Charles Harris become a leader along the defensive line?

    A: Charles is in his third year, and he’s one of our veteran guys. It’s kind of crazy. He’s done a great job of leading. He’s really taken that personal the entire summer. He’s been one of the best leaders on our team. Harold (Brantley) was doing that before he got hurt, and he’s been out here doing that a lot, too. But I’m really proud of that kid, the way he’s been leading. Rickey Hatley has been doing a good job, too.

    Q: Is there any way that, coming out of high school, you could have seen Charles Harris develop in this way?

    A: Nope. No way. I would love to say that we knew everything was going to work out great. But his work ethic is superior to almost everybody else on the planet. That’s why he’s so successful.

    Q: What did you see from Terry Beckner Jr. in his first live scrimmage?

    A: He did some good stuff. He’s really a powerful kid. He’s got great burst. He’s still a freshman, so getting all his assignments down, and getting to the football full speed, those kind of things.. But we really saw some good stuff out there.

    Q: What did you see from Marcell Frazier in the scrimmage?

    A: He was having a good camp, and what happened was, we looked at the scrimmage — these guys get points for tackles, forcing quarterback hurries, making sacks, and all of that kind of stuff. And Marcell got the most points on the defensive line in terms of production. So, it’s hard to ignore that fact. Of course, there’s nothing cemented in there. But that’s a great battle. And we want to have a great battle at every position. 

    Q: Were you surprised by Marcell Frazier’s competitive nature? 

    A: He’s been pretty good. He’s a serious football guy. He wants to be a great football player, and that’s the key to success. Every guy that I’ve had here that’s been a really, really good player wanted to be the best. Didn’t want to be good, or okay. They wanted to be the best. The best there ever was. What’s the record? I want to break it… It’s something that, as these guys get older, they develop. I don’t know if I have one guy that I could choose that has it right now, but they’re competing. And that’s what we need.

    Q: What have you seen from AJ Logan?

    A: AJ had a pretty good summer. He’s always been a competitive guy, he’s just been a – can I count on you every down, kind of guy? Now, he’s becoming a lot more accountable to his team. His weight’s down a little bit, so his hustle is better. His leverage on the football, and leverage on the line, is better. He’s definitely made some improvement.

    Q: What’s it like to see that improvement?

    A: He’s a great kid. I’m an AJ Logan fan. I want the best for the kid. So, when he does great, I’m happy. No question.

    Q: Is Josh Augusta coming along?

    A: Yeah, Josh is doing good. He continues to improve. He’s got a ways, but he continues to improve. So, hopefully, he continues making strides – which he has been, in a steady fashion, which is almost a first since he’s been here. I’m very happy.

    Q: What is his potential?

    A: He does not have a ceiling. He has no ceiling. He can do anything.

    Q: Are you surprised with Marcell Frazier’s adjustment with him getting here so late?

    A: The bottom line is you have to know what you’re doing, which is tough when you get here later. The techniques that we’re asking him to do – if you have the whole summer to prepare, you’re going to do better. But, to tell you a little about the kid, he got here late but he still got two A’s in his summer classes. He wants to be a very good football player. He’s not expecting anyone to hand him anything… Everyone comes in with the expectation that they’re going to start. And then when they find out how hard they have to work for it, some guys aren’t as interested in it. But Marcell certainly is. It’ll be interesting to see that battle.

    Q: What’s the biggest thing he’s had to transition to?

    A: How we run our defense, what we do on our stunts… He’s got to continue to play – he’s a very tall guy, he weighs a lot, he runs well – he’s got to play lower. Those kind of things will make him play better.

    Q: How would you compare Marcell Frazier’s game to Walter Brady’s?

    A: They’re different guys. They’re both really good. I gotta tell you, all the way up to the scrimmage, I was extremely pleased with Walter. I would not say he had a disappointing scrimmage, at all. But Marcell kind of overshadowed him. That will be a battle to keep our eyes on. 


  10. The Sports Wire: Mark Simon

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    Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Info and ESPN’s Sweet Spot Blog joins BK to discuss the Royals’ recent bullpen struggles and the Cardinals’ upcoming decision on who should be a part of the postseason rotation.