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The National Championship: One Team to Rule Them All

Tonight on ESPN, the national champion is crowned. For me, this is the best game we could have asked for when looking at all of the teams. The committee might have struggled in picking the opponents in the first round (sorry Washington and Ohio State), but Clemson (13-1) taking on Alabama (14-0) is the matchup that has the most intrigue …

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The NFL Playoffs—A Preview & Predictions

The NFL playoffs are set to begin this weekend and while we are blessed with the game of the century that is the Texans Vs. Raiders, there’s still intrigue in this weekend, even if that game is the Saturday night feature.   The game that is most likely to feature a team to make a Super Bowl appearance, for me, …

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The Pregame Stretch – NFL Week 11

Did Dallas make the right quarterback decision? And how will this year’s top draft pick fare in his NFL debut? Rob and Hank take on these topics and more in The Pregame Stretch on

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The Pregame Stretch – NFL Week 10

What’s different about Minnesota’s new offense? And of course, who comes out victorious in tonight’s rematch of one of the better modern Super Bowls? Rob and Hank tackle these topics and more in Week 10 of The Pregame Stretch.  

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The Big Show: Dave Matter

Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post Dispatch joined us to discuss what’s ahead for the rest of Mizzou Football’s season and what’s ahead for Mizzou Hoops this season.

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The Pregame Stretch: NFL Week 9

Cam Newton’s mad about some un-flagged hits… Does he have a point? Will the Chiefs keep surviving all their starters dropping some flies? And how on Earth did the Chicago Bears pull off that upset of the Minnesota Vikings? Rob and Hank tackle these topics and more on this week’s edition of The Pregame Stretch on    

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