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Will or should the St. Louis Blues make any NHL trade deadline deals?

This is a very interesting question that the Blues brass must ask before pulling the trigger on any deals.

The Blues have made massive jumps in almost every statistic category this season.  Especially when it comes to the Goaltender position and on Defense.

If you look at history most Stanley Cup teams that make that long push from Winter into Spring and hoist Lord Stanley have that solid, lock down netminder. Check for the Blues…and who would have thunk it they have TWO!  The Blues are an organization that has been trying to find the right goaltender for years now! Remember the Roman Turek and Chris Osgood days…now you are set there with both Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliot setting records almost every night on the ice.

The Defense is very solid and keeps getting better. The Offense? not so much BUT do you make a trade to help push this team over the top? Very rarely does the trade for a rental player work out.  The Blues sure need some help on Offense but they are still missing some key offensive playmakers to injury Alex Steen was leading the squad before his injury. 

My gut tells me not to mess with this team’s chemistry..BUT I also am a firm believer in GM Armstrong and I am drinking his Blue Kool-Aid by the gallons, so if he feels the right opportunity is there for the taking and won’t cost the Blues to much then I think he needs to make a deal.

Ben Bishop, the St. Louis kid has been a stud in goal for Peoria and I still think that he is there goalie of the future but if he is traded for a scoring winger then get it done!

Will be an interesting deadline in the NHL and the Blues are primed to make a serious run but the Redwings and Cannucks are massive hurdles in the Conference. Don’t be fooled by Nashville either.

Do you think the Blues should make a  deal?

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