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Big Show Blog: The Case for Yadi

I will go ahead and name you the MVP of the National League right now, and in my opinion, it isn’t close.

Yadier Molina is putting up one of the more historic seasons for a non-home run hitter in baseball.

  • He as of this blog’s writing is leading all of MLB in hitting at .365
  • He leads the NL in doubles (23) and hits (93)
  • He’s on pace for career marks in almost every offensive category,  and doing it at the toughest position to win the MVP award.

Everyone thinks that you have to be a home-run hitter like Barry Bonds, or in this case the catching equivalent of Johnny Bench or Mike Piazza to win the MVP. It shouldn’t be an automatic vote for the league’s best long ball man.

The Cubs manager, Dale Sveum agrees, as quoted in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,

“The adjustments we’ve seen Molina make – whether it’s different stances, different approaches, all that – that’s what it takes sometimes. “That’s why Molina’s right now probably the MVP of the league.”

Jayson Stark Came on The Big Show and talked about Yadier Molina’s case for MVP:


So you know, this is not just me saying it. A lot of what makes Yadier Molina a prime candidate is that he’s doing it at the most rigorous position in the league. He’s a receiver for a top-three pitching staff in the NL, and has allowed as few stolen bases as anyone in the league. He’s also caught the second most, which is a moniker to the fact that his ability to throw out runners is a known commodity.

I also believe that for too many players, this award has become a “life-time achievement award” of sorts. Let’s spin that in our favor, for once.

If he continues this track and arc of success this season, and the numbers extrapolate themselves to be equal, there shouldn’t be a question who wins the player’s highest honor.

And maybe he can tattoo the trophy to his neck, too.

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