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Audit of Mizzou Athletics Reveals Personal Spending

In documents obtained by the Associated Press, Mizzou Athletics employees were responsible more than 80 unauthorized charges including a $7,600 strip club bill in 2011.

An Associated Press report included Free Records documents that detailed the Las Vegas strip club bill of $7,605.50 from Michael Schumacher, Mizzou’s Director of Video Operations. Missouri’s former Director of Basketball Operations Jeff Daniels also had a more than $3,000 charge for a team meal at Vince Young’s Steakhouse in Texas.

Mizzou Athletics spokesman Chad Moller told ZNN that the discipline was handled internally and the amounts reimbursed from the offending employees. The AP also reported that Mizzou Athletics deactivated 32 of its 120 active credit cards in order to curtail the issue of unauthorized spending.

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