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2012 CFB Top 5 Week 9: My View

You don’t have time to watch all the college football games.  That’s what I’m here for.

Through 9 weeks of the college football season we know one thing.  Alabama is ridiculously good.  They’re hammering every opponent they come up against.  So they’re a deserving top team, but after that, it’s dependant on your cup of tea.  Do you like offense (Oregon) or defense (Notre Dame).  Do you like the wily old veteran Bill Snyder (Kansas State).  There are a lot of ways to go, but the number of undefeated continues to dwell.

We said goodbye to the Florida Gators, Ohio Bobcats,Mississippi State Bulldogs and Oregon State Beavers.  The Gators, Bulldogs, ad Beavers tumble out of the top 5, or even the discussion of the top 5.  Where are the teams now?

#5: LSU

This is what LSU does.  They aren’t always pretty, but they hang around and hang around and hang around.  They’re always there at the end.  They’re 7-1 right now and get Alabama at home this weekend.  It’s pretty simple for them.  They win, they’re back in the SEC title game and all is right in the world in Baton Rouge.  Their only loss?  On the road @ Florida.  So they’re going to be ready for a dogfight.

#4: Kansas State

Eventually, we’ll all be believers in this team.  They just keep winning and beating teams up.  Sure, they’re ugly to watch, but yesterday they put up 55 points.  They’re scoring a lot and they just might have the Heisman frontrunner in Colin Klein (ok, he’s got the best nickname “Optimus Klein”).  If Bill Snyder isn’t your coach of the year, you’re not paying attention.  He’s maybe the best coach in college football history.  Look at their schedule.  Texas is the best team remaining.  Think they’re going to lose?  And no conference title game to get in the way.

#3: Notre Dame

So, they finally gave up a rushing touchdown.  And then promptly whooped Oklahoma on their own field.  That was a beat down and may as well have been a 30 point victory.  They’ve figured out Everett Golson is their starting QB and for a freshman, he’s played damn well.  Brian Kelly has turned this program around and in a hurry.  He’s put a stamp on the team and this is a program staring at heights it hasn’t seen in 20 years.  They survived a rough 3 weeks (two big games with an obvious trap game in between) and only have a game at USC remaining that would keep them from an undefeated season.

#2: Oregon Ducks

Ho Hum.  Another week, another 70 points or this offense.  It’s actually hurting them with most pollsters.  They’re saying “they haven’t been challenged”.  But if a team is really that good, they should be whipping teams.  And that’s what Oregon’s doing.  Along with that, they’re stopping teams from scoring.  Their average margin of victory is 34 points.  They’re crushing opponents, home or away.  They’ve got their toughest games left, but those opponents keep losing (which will only hurt Oregon in the long run).  They keep getting dropped in the polls, yet they keep winning.  If they keep winning, will they get their chance?

#1: Alabama

I know we write the same thing every week, but at some point, you have to just throw your hands up and ask when is enough enough.  They’re just that good.  They faced an undefeated and very good Mississippi State team.  They crushed them by 31.  And did it without a second thought.  They’re going to be tested this week, having to play LSU in Baton Rouge, but LSU’s struggling on offense and Alabama is allowing less than 8 points a game.  Alabama’s offense is also much stronger and much more balanced than they were last year.  They’re going to have to continue to get everybody’s best effort, but they sure look prepared for whatever the rest of the country has for them.

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