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2012 CFB Top 5 Week 13: My View

All that’s left is to determine which SEC team will face Notre Dame.  

Is that assumptive?  Absolutely.  But right now, Alabama and Georgia are 2 and 3 in the BCS and the winner will move on to face Notre Dame.  It’s hard to envision any scenario where this won’t happen.  That doesn’t mean the Top 5 didn’t change a little.  We’re pretty sure we don’t agree with the BCS, but hey, they’re not asking us.

#5: Florida

They’re in a perfect position here.  They won’t lose again.  Georgia or Alabama will, giving whoever falls in the SEC title game 2 losses.  They just beat a really good FSU team and their only loss is to Georgia (in maybe the ugliest game of the CFB season).  Texas A&M and Stanford are really good options, but Florida’s got the best resume (i.e – not 2 losses)

#4: Oregon

Stanford is a MUCH better team than you think.  They’re the only team to beat Oregon.  So in response?  Oregon went on the road and destroyed Oregon State.  They’re going to benefit as an at-large into the BCS (Stanford won the Pac 12 North and has to play UCLA again).  This is a good place to be for the Ducks, who will head to their 4th straight BCS game.

#3: Alabama

I know, they’re probably better than this.  They just obliterated in-state rival Auburn and have only lost once.  They got blitzed by Johnny Football, which has happened to a lot of people this year.  They’re still the best overall defense.  They’re still ridiculously talented.  And Nick Saban lives for these moments.  But there are teams playing better than them right now.

#2: Notre Dame

Meet one half of your national championship.  At this point, Brian Kelly can probably name the dollar amount of his contract extension.  They’ve got a Heisman finalist LB, they’ve got an undefeated regular season, and they’ve got no games remaining.  They’re good, don’t kid yourself.  They’re an outstanding defense, but the questions linger about the offense.  They’ve gotten the job done so far, but can they against an elite defense.

#1: Georgia

Yep, you read that right.  Their offense is clicking on all cylinders.  Their defense is getting better and in stride every week.  They’ve got NFL talent at LB, DE, QB, WR, and RB.  They’ve been so close in recent years, they’ve heard the talk.  They’re peaking at the right time.  Everything about UGA screams best team in the country right now.  They’ll have their chance to prove it.  They get Alabama next Saturday in the Georgia Dome, their own home turf.  It’s very simple.  If they win, they’re in.

UGA vs Alabama.  Winner gets Notre Dame.  It’s pretty simple.  Who’s ready?


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