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2012 CFB Top 5 Week 11: My View

You don’t have time to watch every college football team.  That’s what I’m here for.

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that.  Johnny Manziel has made a fool of me.  I thought Alabama was unbeatable and this guy made me look like an idiot.  Not that I really needed his help…

So now that the sure fire Crimson Tide have lost, what becomes of the top 5?  And how far do the Tide fall?

#5: Georgia

They’re coming together at the right time.  The defense got it’s full stable of players back and the offense, led by QB Aaron Murray (who could be invited to the Heisman dance), is explosive and diverse.  They’re going to the SEC title game and if they win that, you never know.  You might just see them playing in Miami.

#4: Alabama

Texas A&M is better than we realized, but that doesn’t mean Alabama is terrible.  They’re actually still damn good.  They came back after trailing 20-0 and their only loss is to the team now ranked number 9 in the country.  That’s after beating back to back top 15 opponents (A&M was 3rd top 15 game in 3 weeks).  Pray for mercy for Western Carolina next Saturday…

#3: Notre Dame

Lost in the mess of the Alabama loss is how good Notre Dame looked in whipping Boston College.  the Irish, who survived their own gauntlet of games, are still undefeated at 10-0.  They haven’t always looked good, but they continue to win.  That’s what matters at this point.  Their offense isn’t going to win any awards, but that defense…have mercy it’s good.  They’ve got a game remaining with USC (who can score in bunches on everyone) but they see the national title game in their sights.

#2: Kansas State

Another week, another win.  Their offense continues to put up points and their defense continues to shut down good players.  This week, they slowed down the OSU Cowboys and continued their good special teams play (a forte of the Bill Snyder era).  It’s looking more and more like the Heisman is coming down between Manziel and Colin Klein.  They’ve got two games remaining and no conference championship.  Win, and they’re in.

#1: Oregon

They finish the season with their hardest games.  First Stanford, then Oregon State in Corvalis in a rivalry game.  PLUS, they need to win the Pac 12 title game against either USC (again) or UCLA (underrated).  It’ll be hard tos ay they didn’t earn it if they stay where they are.  Their defense is banged up though and they’re going to need to score points.  Oh look, they put up 59 points.  Again.  They haven’t scored less than 42 points in any game this season.  Yeah, their offense should be good to go.

We all thought Alabama was safe.  Turns out we were wrong.  There’s still 2 weeks left and some big games remaining for the top teams (not including the title games in the SEC and Pac 12).  We’ll see…and hang on for the ride.

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